ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Business owners across the city are fed up. They say their businesses have become a big target for burglars and they think the suspects are becoming bolder.

Picture shows damage done at Duke City Beaches. Photo courtesy: Troy White.

Duke City Beaches is one of the latest victims. Now they’re cleaning up the mess after a break-in at their business Thursday morning.

“They smashed our back window and came in and had a bunch of time inside of there and got our cash register and actually got down into our basement and got our safe,” said Troy White, owner of Duke City Beaches.

Duke City Beaches is a local winery and restaurant which also offers sand sports like beach volleyball and soccer. The owner, Troy White, says being a business in Albuquerque can be tough. He says he hears about break-ins all the time but never expected to fall victim to the crime. However, on Thursday morning in broad daylight, someone broke in and took off with the drawer from their register and their entire safe.

White says it seems like the people behind all of these burglaries are getting braver because they don’t even wait until it’s dark to strike.

Photo Courtesy: Troy White

“He went into our basement which only has one exit and he was down there for 15 minutes or so. It’s kind of crazy to think somebody could be that brave to go down there and know they didn’t have an exit. They didn’t have anything and there’s not really any consequences,” said White.

White says they’re now out thousands of dollars because the thief stole all of their cash and broke the back door window to get in. Their alarm system was not working that day, but a picture was captured by the surveillance camera set up inside the restaurant.

White says they love giving back to the community. Last week they hosted the spike for survivors volleyball tournament which raised money for firefighters in Albuquerque. He says these problems are discouraging.

“Its hard to be helping every body out and then stuff like this happens.”

White says he shared the photo to their Instagram page where they got a lot of other business owners saying they have recently been targeted too. According to White, they contacted police and were told they could make an over-the-phone report.