ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bernalillo County’s new downtown Alvarado Square headquarters will be closed Monday and Tuesday as police investigate several windows broken by gunfire. The county reports gunshots were fired into the glass above the atrium lobby early Monday morning.

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According to the county, it happened around 3:15 a.m. From outside the building, video captured by KRQE News 13 shows at least eight windows were damaged.

“You don’t expect to hear this kind of news. To receive a call early in the morning that someone has fired gunshots into your workplace,” said Tia Bland, communications director for Bernalillo County.

The more than 800 county employees who work at Alvarado Square are working remotely while APD’s Central Impact Unit leads the investigation.

“It’s a safety issue because there’s glass all over the place,” said Bland. “And of course, not knowing who did this and why they did this, it’s still a broader safety concern as well.”

Other Bernalillo County offices remain open for business Monday. So far, there’s no cost estimate or timeline on when the county may repair the damage.

The county just opened the centralized Alvarado Square office in August after spending $68 million to acquire and fix up the property.

“A lot of the employees are feeling a great deal of disappointment this morning, that someone would choose to vandalize a beautiful building that’s available for the community to come and conduct business with Bernalillo county,” said Bland.