ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The trial continues for the now-former APD officer accused of raping a Sunport worker in an airport closet while on duty. On Tuesday, the accuser was on the stand and the defense tried to undermine her story.

While the prosecution argued Johnny Garcia forced himself on the woman, his defense lawyer tried to paint a picture of a consensual encounter. The jury watched surveillance video from last February of Garcia and a Sunport worker walking into an airport closet. She says Garcia told her to come into the dark room to look at something.

The Sunport worker who was 19 at the time, said in court she liked the attention from a police officer twice her age. But she claims he then made sexual advances before forcing her to perform oral sex on him. Garcia claims what happened in the airport closet was purely consensual. The defense asked the alleged victim about texts she sent to a co-worker who knew the two had been in a closet together. Defense attorney Nicole Moss said, “You don’t say, ‘I was sexually assaulted?’” The woman said no.

In redirect, prosecutor Crystal Cabrido asked her why she didn’t leave that closet. The alleged victim told the court, “I tried and he wouldn’t let me and I felt like he had a lot more power over me than I had control of myself.”

During her testimony, the woman told the jury she felt bad for Garcia’s wife and that she felt naïve. There’s no word yet if Garcia will take the stand. Garcia resigned from the Albuquerque Police Department after he was charged. He’s been in jail since his arrest.