ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A serial offender is behind bars after police say she set the inside of a car on fire. Officers were called out Friday to northeast Albuquerque after a man called police, saying 31-year-old Sarah Zaragoza had hit him.

He told police he came to help Zaragoza but when she got into his car, she began to yell, eventually lighting his seat on fire. Zaragoza then snapped off both sun visors and hit him in the face several times with her fist.

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She fled the scene but when police caught up with her, they say she was yelling and making “strange statements.” Police say they found six fentanyl pills on her. She was arrested for battery and possession of a controlled substance.

Zaragoza was arrested last month after the same man tried to take her to the hospital and says she attacked him in his car.