ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The teen who shot and killed a classmate over a gun accepted a plea deal Friday. Marco Trejo was fourteen when he killed sixteen-year-old Andrew Burson near West Mesa High School in 2022.

It was an emotional plea hearing as the father of the victim spoke in court. “I’ve lost both my parents, I’ve buried both my parents, but the pain of losing a child through violence is a hundred thousand times worse. I will never recover from this his mother will never recover from it,” said Al Burson, the victim’s father.   

The now sixteen-year-old Trejo admitted to the killing. According to court records, Burson had accused Trejo of stealing his gun which led to an argument. A chase ensued and that’s when Trejo pulled a gun and shot Burson, something the victim’s father addressed in court. 

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“The thing that caused rage with the autopsy report. If he would’ve been shot one time he’d be here today. He was shot five times including one in the back of the head,” says Burson. 

Trejo pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and will be committed to juvenile jail until he turns 21. Trejo’s defense said Trejo was grateful for a second chance. Burson had kind words for the teen who killed his son. “I do forgive you Marco, you have my forgiveness,” says Burson. 

However, he told us he wished for a different outcome. “I’m disappointed with the sentence but I understand it. I wish the sentence would’ve been greater, but I understand that the justice system can’t depend on a grieving family or a grieving father to make sentences based on that,” said Burson. 

Al Burson said he hopes to get involved in legislation to increase sentences for violence with guns, especially involving teenagers.