ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There was chaos at Cottonwood Mall after police say a woman accused of shoplifting pulled out a gun, which sent shoppers scrambling. The lapel video shows how police were finally able to stop her.

Customers at the Marshalls on the west side were forced to the ground in April. Police weren’t sure if a woman accused of pulling a gun inside the store moments earlier was among them.

Officers walked through the store and spotted the gun, right in the middle of the toy aisle. Meanwhile, at the front of the store, other officers found the suspect, 29-year-old Jaclyn Williams. Williams dropped the bags but immediately took off back inside Marshalls.

Police pulled out the bean bag gun to stop her and walked her out in cuffs. Before medics came to check out her injuries, police say she made one last effort to avoid jail. “Excuse me? I swallowed like 20 fentanyl pills officer,” she said.

But that was a lie. They do say she was really busy that day though, shoplifting a shirt at Spencer’s in Cottonwood Mall where she pulled a gun too and took off with bags full of nearly $800 worth of merchandise from Victoria’s Secret.

Williams is now being charged federally because she is a felon and had a gun, which police say was stolen. She has a long criminal history including shoplifting, theft, forgery, and resisting arrest.