ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Prosecutors tried were successful in keeping a woman who flees from police in stolen cars locked up until trial. Jennifer Christensen is caught earlier this month in a stolen car near the Albuquerque downs.

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Police say she ran red lights, wove through traffic and it took spike trips to finally stop her. She was on conditions of release for a 2020 incident where she allegedly fled from police in a stolen car near Lomas and Pennsylvania and is the same woman who in 2016 rammed into an AFR chief’s vehicle outside Fire Station 9 in a stolen truck.

During a hearing Thursday, Judge Britt Baca Miller denied the state’s request for pretrial detention, but on Tuesday, prosecutors tried again bringing in an officer to testify to Christensen’s actions that day. This time Judge Neil Candelaria was presiding. “I don’t feel defendant if issued an order defendant would rectify and correct and stop that behavior at this point,” Candelaria said.

Christensen’s attorney’s also tried to have the state-sanctioned claiming they didn’t offer a plea agreement in good faith. The state argued they did offer two options, but both included mandatory prison time which Christensen rejected. Judge Candelaria denied the request for sanctions.