ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A newer police unit, dedicated to gathering digital evidence from cell phones, websites, and other electronic devices is on the verge of expanding in the Duke City. Albuquerque Police announced Thursday it will soon add several new analysts to its its Digital Intelligence team, a key part of the city’s push to solve homicide cases.

Over roughly the last year, the unit, comprised of three people, has been instrumental in helping solve several murder cases, including one in January. That case involved 30-year-old Anjel Varela, who was shot to death during a drug deal at an apartment complex on Louisiana, north of Lomas.

According to an APD news release from April, analysts with APD’s Digital Intelligence Unit used phone and social media records to help build a case against several suspects in the murder case, corroborating details learned by detectives, and eventually making three arrests. Bobby Lopez, Brianna Garcia and Danielle Cordova are all now facing charges in the Varela murder case. Garcia is also charged in a case where she’s accused of shooting at the front of a Walmart grocery store on San Mateo after being accused of attempted shoplifting.

APD announced Thursday it will add four new analysts to the team, bringing the total to seven people in the unit. With that, APD says it will be able to expand the breadth of the team’s work to include other criminal investigations beyond homicide cases.