ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Police are saying a man involved in a shootout that killed a 15-year-old girl is still on the loose. It’s been about two years since her murder.  

Isaiah Elijah Anthony Hayes is one of APD’s most wanted fugitives.  

A neighbor spoke out but wants to remain anonymous because she’s still scared after what happened in her neighborhood two years ago. 

“When I heard some commotion out there, I got up from my chair and came out here, and I saw all the neighbors just all excited also worried, and then I looked out, and there was something going on at the corner,” said the anonymous neighbor. 

Angelique Anderson, 15, was found dead, lying in the middle of the road.  

It was May 2, 2020, around 7:30 p.m. Albuquerque Police first got a call about a fight happening nearby at Hawthorne Elementary School near Copper and Wyoming. 

A criminal complaint stated Anderson had gotten in a car with four other people to fight another girl at the school’s park. 

One of the passengers was then-20-year-old Isaiah Elijah Anthony Hayes, who was reportedly carrying a gun. Once at the park, authorities alleged Hayes got into a physical fight with another man at the park. 

The criminal complaint states that after the fight, the two men got in their cars, but Hayes pulled out a gun and started shooting at the other man’s car. 

A shootout began between both cars, and a bullet struck Anderson in the face, killing her. 

Police said Hayes threatened the other passengers and then dumped Anderson’s body further down the road near the intersection of Altez and Domingo Northeast. 

“Everybody was horrified around the corner. They went out to their yards, and they couldn’t believe what was happening, and then when he got away, that was even worse,” recalled the anonymous neighbor. 

Police haven’t said if it was bullets from Hayes’ gun that killed his friend, but he’s facing several charges including abuse of a child resulting in death, kidnapping, and four counts of bribery or intimidation.  

A warrant was issued after the murder, but Hayes has been on the run since. 

“I’d just put my prayers and ask God to find him, and let him pay for what he’s done,” said the anonymous neighbor. 

Hayes also faces charges after police claimed he pointed a gun at a man in a different incident before the shooting. KRQE reached out to the District Attorney’s office for comment, but no word on potential leads in finding Hayes.