ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – While things are quiet now on Hilton Avenue, it was a very different story this weekend. Neighbors watched a chaotic scene Saturday night in a neighborhood, near Montgomery and San Mateo, after shots rang out at a house party leaving three teens dead and one injured.

Investigators said it stemmed from a fight.

“Dozens of shots were fired. Officers have collected casings. We do believe more than one gun was involved. Guns have been recovered as well,” APD Spokesperson Gilbert Gallegos said at a press conference Sunday.

Police have identified the victims killed as 18-year-old Marcos Perez, 18-year-old Jordan Johnson, and 19-year-old Nick Ortega. A 17-year-old girl was also shot in the leg but is okay.

“We, sort of, waited around to see what was happening, and of course, we didn’t know,” neighbor John Driscoll said. He lives across the street from the home, and this isn’t the first time police have been there. “About three or four weeks ago, they had a party and then somebody was standing out in the middle of the street over here, shooting an automatic pistol or a rifle, we don’t know which,” he said. “The police showed up afterward, and they were searching up and down. They were picking up gun shells, shells from the gun, on both sides of the street, maybe 15 or 20 shells we saw.”

Other neighbors said, off-camera, they’re not surprised it happened. One resident explained she’s called the police several times over the last year for out-of-control parties at the home.

Police believe the owners of the home were not present at the time of the shooting. APD said no arrests have been made.

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