ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – As if local restaurants weren’t dealing with enough right now, an Albuquerque brewery is also picking up the pieces after an accused thief broke in and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. Police said the suspect smashed a window to get inside and wrecked the place, even trying to take off with an entire corned beef but in the end, he didn’t make it far.

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Walking inside the Quarter Celtic Brewpub, you wouldn’t have guessed that just 24 hours ago, it was completely trashed. Cell phone video captures just some of the damage. “He broke plates, glassware, got into our office by smashing the security window with a microwave,” said the brew pub’s general manager, Allison York. “And then I feel like when he realized he couldn’t get to any money or of anything of any value he just decided to just trash the place.”

Staff said the accused vandal, 22-year-old Amadeo Jaramillo, broke into the place early Monday morning by throwing a rock through a back window near the tanks they use to brew their beer. After wrecking the place, staff said he tried to take off with some unusual items.

“He grabbed a big side of beef that we use for our corned beef,” said York. “He grabbed a bunch of bread, a bunch of cheese, some vegetables so yeah I don’t know it was very random with the things he did decide to try to make off with.”

However, he didn’t get far. Court documents said police spotted Jaramillo inside the brewery before he took off running. They eventually caught and arrested him. In total, staff said Jaramillo caused about $10,000 dollars in damage. They had to close down the place all day Monday just to clean up the mess.

“It was very senseless and that’s more heartbreaking aspect of it,” said York. “It didn’t seem worth his time and effort and now he’s in jail and we had a great loss this week because of it.”

The staff at the brewpub said even though they’re still recovering from what happened, an outpour of support from the community is helping them get through this. They said other local breweries even offered to come and help clean up the damage.

Jaramillo has been in trouble before. The incident at the brewpub violated his conditions of release in a recent larceny case. He’s still behind bars at MDC Tuesday night.