ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man accused of molesting a young relative 20 years ago is accused of striking again. He is facing charges in three different counties involving another girl.

His first alleged victim, Melanie Sandoval, says she’s hoping he can finally be stopped. “I want them to know what he has done. And I want there to be a face to his actions and the face to my monster that I have to deal with all the time by myself,” says Melanie. 

Melanie Sandoval has tried to overcome a painful time from her childhood. She says her grandfather Reynaldo Sandoval, sexually abused her when she was five years old.  

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In 2006, he was indicted on two counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor. The case went to trial twice, but both ended in mistrials. Melanie and her family decided not to go through a third trial to avoid the traumatization the first two did to Melanie. 

Melanie found out Reynaldo Sandoval was accused of raping another underage relative, and she said she needed to speak up. “I’m kind of just over the fact of, you know, people just basically being okay with him. And he’s getting, like, gotten away for this for so many years now,” says Melanie Sandoval. 

Now, 67-year-old Reynaldo Sandoval is accused of raping another girl under the age of 13 in three different counties. He’s currently facing multiple felony charges in Mora, Bernalillo, and Sandoval County. The indictments and criminal complaints say the sexual assaults occurred between 2016 and 2018.  

Melanie says she wants Reynaldo Sandoval to finally go to jail, but above all, she says she hopes the victim can find the strength to get through this. “I know, it’s scary. And I know it’s really hard, but I know she can get through it. And, you know, hopefully, and I pray every single day that this is gonna be the last time and he will get put away, and we will get justice for it,” says Melanie. 

The District Attorney’s office told us that they didn’t feel they would get a different result if they went to a third trial back in the first case. They are now prosecuting one of his latest cases. He is scheduled for trial in October.