Albuquerque man creates website before serving time in federal prison

ALBUQUERQUE, KRQE. N.M. (KRQE) - Scott Glasrud embezzled millions of dollars from the Albuquerque charter school he founded and was sentenced to five years in federal prison.

But right before he supposed to turn himself in on December 5, he has started a website detailing his upcoming journey behind bars.

Less than a month before he'll be locked up in a South Dakota federal prison, some of the last words Glasrud publicly wrote admit that he "unfortunately" made a big mistake.
Last year Glasrud, the founder of Southwest Learning Center, pleaded guilty of stealing millions of dollars from the four Albuquerque charter schools.

In an email, Glasrud tells KRQE News 13 the blog is not intended to defend his innocence, it's a place to explain what he says happened and what led to the bad decisions he made.

On the website, Glasrud does say he was "ensnared in the criminal justice system" but does not go into details.
He also mentioned then state auditor Hector Balderas, who investigated him at the time. Balderas was an up-and-comer in 2014 who was running for attorney general.

AG Balderas released the following statement: 

"As State Auditor, I conducted a thorough investigation and referred these horrific financial abuses against families to the FBI. I am pleased with the US Attorney's Office for securing a conviction on behalf of students in New Mexico."

Glasrud told KRQE News 13 he is "paying the price financially and with his freedom," but that he is taking responsibility for what happened.  He said the website will also serve as a warning about what life is really like on the inside.

Glasrud's family and friends will update his website while he serves his sentence.


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