ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Joshua Martinez has a history of driving while under the influence but this time, he’s accused of doing serious damage. The crash took place on Wednesday near Central and Alvarado.

According to court documents, Martinez was driving a silver Pontiac when he swerved hitting a man and woman badly injuring them both. The woman’s injuries were so severe, there were fears they may have to amputate her leg.

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The criminal complaint said Martinez fled the scene and was later detained by police in a nearby neighborhood. Police said that after the crash, Martinz changed the damaged front tire and replaced it with a spare. When police searched the car, they found foil along with opiate painkillers that Martinz did not have a prescription for. Martinz also had a revoked license and was supposed to have an interlock in his car.

Martinz has an extensive history of DWI with arrests dating back twenty years and at least three convictions. In 2021, he was charged again for drunk driving, and at the time he was supposed to have an interlock in his vehicle. That case was dropped when the officer was not available to appear in court. He was pulled over again earlier this summer for driving on a revoked license. That case was also dropped.

The state is pushing to keep Martinez behind bars calling him a danger to the public. That hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.