ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One man was arrested by Albuquerque Police Department (APD). He’s accused of being involved in drive-by shootings in the northwest part of the city.

Dominique Spicer, 31, of Albuquerque, has been charged for his alleged role in two shootings. One occurred on March 8, 2023, and the other occurred four days after that, on March 12. At that time, Spicer was on a pre-trial release from a separate gun-related charge. In that case, he was accused of pointing a gun at a Downtown Albuquerque security guard in April 2022.

According to APD, eight gunshots were detected by the ShotSpotter system near an apartment complex on March 8. No victims or property damage were reported, and no one called police to report the shootings, either. Firearm casings were found in the street, however. Later that evening, police were contacted by a woman. She explained that she thought her ex-boyfriend, Spicer, had fired a gun outside her home.

On March 12, the same victim called the police and said she saw Spicer drive by her relative’s house and fire a gun. Casings were recovered at the scene. The victim told police Spicer returned hours later and fired the gun again. Once again, casings were recovered.

Video footage helped capture parts of the shootings. NIBIN technology seemingly matched the casings from the shootings.

Spicer was arrested during a traffic stop, and a gun was seized. Police think might be the gun involved in those crimes. The District Attorney’s Office wants Spicer to be kept in jail until his trial.