ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – On a Monday in May on Lomas, Isaac Atencio had been driving for 2.5 miles with an Albuquerque Police Department officer right behind him, lights and sirens blaring. The old pickup truck is missing locks and door handles. The 57-year-old driver already has four DWIs and no license, insurance, or registration.

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Atencio claimed he just got off work building a rock wall at a home in the middle of a Sunday night. The officer believed he was slurring and acting fidgety. Atencio tells him he hasn’t been drinking. He would later blow a zero on the breathalyzer but the officer checked Atencio’s pocket and found a makeshift pipe. The officer asked Atencio if he was smoking and using meth and Atencio told him yes. At the station, he refused to drug tests and was hit with a felony fifth DWI.

Atencio will stay behind bars until trial after a judge agreed he’s a danger on the roads who can’t follow rules. He also has a history of arrests for forgery, ID theft, and assault.