ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bradley Wylie, the man accused of carving a racial slur into his neighbor’s driveway, will stay locked up until trial, at least for now. Police Wylie used a sword to write the racial slur and then raised the sword over his head to threaten the neighbor when confronted.

Wylie does not have much of a violent criminal record but prosecutors filed a pretrial detention motion in the case pointing to concerns about his mental health saying he may pose an additional danger. They say Wylie has a history of letting his dogs run loose and acting aggressive to the neighborhood and has also harassed residents.

His defense attorney said the racial slur by itself is not a violent act and the details of the alleged threat are not entirely clear. “I think the sort of conclusory allegation that a threat occurred is problematic because, one, it doesn’t give the court a lot of information to determine if that meets that dangerousness prong,” said Griffin Hardy, defense attorney. “It also doesn’t give the defense much of an opportunity to defend against that without having a lot of information on what specifically is being alleged there,” said Hardy.

Judge Emeterio Rudolfo did grant the state’s motion to keep Wylie in custody for now but allowed the defense to have it reconsidered once he has a psychiatric evaluation.