ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Burglars hit another Albuquerque business and now the owner is out thousands of dollars. She says Albuquerque Police have only made things harder. The Southwest Makeup Institute, near Montgomery and Louisiana, is out roughly $30,000 after someone broke into the Northeast Heights business earlier this week. The owner of the shop, Noel Dalton, says she feels violated.

“It’s super heartbreaking,” Dalton said. “I have a very resilient spirit so I’m not crushed by it, but I have built this business for over 15 years and I put everything into it. I built it from the ground up and we have fought tooth and nail just to exist in the market here.”

She says it happened between Sunday night and Monday morning when someone threw a rock through the window. Now their computers and makeup are gone. Dalton said whoever broke in even turned the thermostat up to nearly 90 degrees in the studio before leaving. Whoever the burglar was had left behind a clue such as blood on the window curtains. Dalton says if things don’t change here in Albuquerque, she may move her business to Santa Fe or Rio Rancho.

“If we don’t have a safe city, then we don’t have anything, and if you can’t protect your business and your livelihood, then everyone is going to start going elsewhere,” Dalton said. “I’m a native, I have been here my whole life, I’m a New Mexico native, this is my home, I love it, but the day that we came in and all of this started going on I was just like, man maybe this is not the market.”

She’s not only upset about the burglary but about how Albuquerque Police has handled the situation. Dalton says she called multiple times and went to a substation Monday to make a police report, but wasn’t able to. KRQE News 13 reached out to APD on this – they say they have a record of her calling and an officer should have been dispatched to the incident. Dalton says APD reached out shortly after our request.

In the meantime, Dalton says she will be adding cameras and stepping up security to deter criminals.