ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new video shows the extreme lengths deputies went to in order to arrest a woman accused of terrorizing her East Mountain neighbors. The standoff lasted hours but eventually ended in a takedown. The arrest occurred in January after Tina Garcia allegedly targeted her first neighbor.

In the video, you can hear someone say, “she pushed his vehicle into the driveway, did several donuts, fired shots in the air, and then went back into her residence.” A second neighbor told deputies when they got home Garcia was yelling and threatening the family. She then allegedly crashed through the front door of their home and hit their garage.

Deputies showed up at Garcia’s trailer, just down the road, later that evening. In the video, a deputy can be heard saying, “as far as we know, it should just be her inside?” Deputies can be heard asking Garcia to come out of her residence over a loud speaker.

Nearly two hours later, SWAT teams had to use other methods to try to convince Garcia to come out. Authorities had to resort to tear gas, window-smashing, and even tearing a hole through Garcia’s wall with a BearCat.

Early in the morning, SWAT teams moved inside her home and found her in the kitchen. The standoff lasted over six hours. A deputy can be heard saying, “That’s doing everything you possibly can not to make entry on a live subject.”

Garcia is charged with eight felonies including aggravated assault, child abuse, and criminal damage to property. Garcia is being held until her trial.