It’s no secret Albuquerque has an out of control crime problem and this case sums it all up. An accused burglar getting popped again, the day after getting out of jail.

State Police say they saw Jeremy Pitts in a stolen truck near Menaul and University on April 18.

Officers say they saw the 28-year-old driving the stolen truck, and crashing it into a fence. That’s when police say Pitts got out, and ran into a nearby shop.

Pitts had a different story for officers when they told him what they saw.

Pitts: “I didn’t see anybody bail from the car. Because the car spun out, I took off running.”

 Officer: “You just took off running?” 

Pitts: “F*** yeah! The f***er almost hit me. What do you mean?” 

As officers try to get the truth out of Pitts, he gives police a glimpse into his criminal history.

Officer: “What’s all this paperwork here?” 

Pitts: “Uh, my jail paperwork. I just got out.” 

Officer: “For what?” 

Pitts: “For aggravated burglary.” 

Aggravated burglary, after deputies say he tried to sneak through a woman’s doggie door while she was home.

Pitts was released from jail in that case, by Judge Benjamin Chavez, at around 3:30 a.m., the day before this incident.

Pitts swears to the officers he did not steal the truck. Soon after, the truck owner’s children showed up.

Once again, Pitts has been released from jail.

Judge Renee Torres released him on his own recognizance for this stolen truck case.