Correction Appended

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department (APD) has made more than a dozen arrests. They announced the criminal activity in a press release, saying all arrests were related to shoplifting.

Police said 16 repeat offenders have been arrested after they conducted a shoplifting tact plan with two retailers on August 24 and 25. APD worked alongside the Organized Crime Unit and Attorney General’s Office.

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A list of those arrested is shown below.

  • Paul Valenzuela, 39 – misdemeanor shoplifting and eluding/evading police (on foot)
  • Jennessa Garcia, 27 – misdemeanor shoplifting (identified repeat offender)
  • David Valencia, 43 – misdemeanor shoplifting (identified repeat offender)
  • Juvenile Offender – misdemeanor shoplifting (repeat offender- Juvenile sent to JPO)
  • Pedro Apachito, 40 – felony shoplifting (repeat offender)
  • Lindsay Marshall, 33 – felony shoplifting and conspiracy to commit a felony
  • Marcella Becenti, 44 – felony shoplifting and conspiracy to commit a felony
  • Saladono Cortez, 48 – felony shoplifting and conspiracy to commit a felony
  • Ryan Jaramillo, 34 – misdemeanor shoplifting and felony warrant
  • Terry Tsosie, 37 – felony shoplifting and eluding/evading police
  • Billson Toledo, 38- felony shoplifting (identified repeat offender)
  • Augustine Jones, 33 – misdemeanor shoplifting (identified repeat offender)
  • Elwyn Thompson, 28 – Possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and misdemeanor shoplifting (identified repeat offender)
  • Kellie Shugart, Dylan Zisman

Officials said two women tried to shoplift at Marshall’s but dropped the merchandise before driving away. Afterward, officers found a vehicle they said was connected to Dylan Zisman and Kellie Shugart. Investigators had been searching for Shugart for burglaries and criminal damage to properties.

Near an apartment close to Louisiana and Montgomery, a K-9 was used to confirm Shugart was inside. Zisman was allegedly trying to enter the apartment as well. Shugart exited the apartment after police made public announcements. At the time, Shugart had a warrant for 69 counts related to commercial burglaries.

“I am incredibly proud of all of our units who are working tirelessly to get repeat offenders off the streets through our organized retail crime initiative,” said Chief Harold Medina, “Our partnership with the Attorney General’s Office continues to help our community as we work to combat shoplifting across our city.”

Officials said $4,500 in stolen merchandise was recovered and returned to businesses during the arrests. One vehicle was sealed, however, and will be searched after a warrant is served.

“This is a strong example of what happens when we coordinate directly across jurisdictions and share information to conduct proactive crime fighting,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “I appreciate the Attorney General stepping up to help the Duke City as we apprehend these offenders.”

Attorney General Balderas said he is pleased with the APD’s operation because it will make Albuquerque safer.

Correction: A previous version of this story listed the incorrect name and picture of a suspect. That error has been fixed.