ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department say a 14-year-old boy carjacked a mom who was with her young son, then shot up a party with an assault rifle, killing a young man. Izaiah Ruiz, 14, was arrested after crashing into a wall during a chase hours later.

Ruiz is accused of going on a violent rampage with his friends – a rampage that lasted about 12 hours and included three robberies and a murder. “This is unacceptable at all levels,” said Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina. “These are not simple crimes, these are very heinous crimes. It’s not just the murder, it’s the robberies, the victims that were impacted. This is disappointing all the way to its core.”

Police say 21-year-old Eddy Ortiz was hosting a birthday party at his home Wednesday night near Coors and Bridge. Police say when Izaiah and his friends weren’t allowed in, Ruiz opened fire on the house with an automatic rifle, killing Ortiz inside.

Police suspect they were in a Honda Pilot they had stolen at gunpoint from a woman off of 98th and Dennis Chavez as she walked out to the SUV with her 5-year-old child. Investigators believe they stole another car at gunpoint that evening as well.

Thursday morning, about six hours after the shooting, police say Ruiz robbed someone of their Airpods outside West Mesa High School. They were able to track the Airpods using GPS and caught up with the Honda Pilot – before it crashed into a cinder block wall off Montaño.

Ruiz was arrested after trying to run. Police say they found the assault-style weapon ditched in a yard.

Chief Medina says the number of crimes his agency sees involving young people is concerning. “The bottom line is these kids weren’t part of the criminal justice system; they weren’t released by any courts,” Chief Medina said. “These are young adults that at the age of 14, decided to commit murder and we have to change the way that we’re operating as a society we need to have tough conversations and we need to continue to work to make our community safe.”

The person driving the stolen vehicle was identified as 15-year-old Diego Padilla. He was charged with armed robbery.

Ruiz is charged with murder and armed robbery. Both Ruiz and Padilla were charged in children’s court.