ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – How do you feel about Nusenda? When one of New Mexico’s most recognizable credit unions changed its name to just that, the jokes started flying immediately.

The former New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union admits that “Nusenda” is a made up word that they hope signifies the future of banking. However, some customers KRQE News 13 spoke with Thursday said they hope the name quickly becomes a thing of the past.

“New Mexico Educators Federal Credit Union is officially changing its name,” announced the credit union’s president and CEO Terry Laudick at a ceremony on Tuesday.

The renaming of the credit union was a bold move that got a lot of cheers from the crowd, even a congratulations from the mayor of Albuquerque.

“We’ve just launched a new era,” said Judy Cartmell, president of Nusenda’s board of directors.

However, sometimes when you change your name, not everyone gets on board immediately.

“It’s not a word I love,” said Kristen Diener, a credit union member.

“Where did they get that name from,” said Eleanor Apodaca, who has a savings account with Nusenda.

“I just thought it was pointless!” exclaimed credit union member Julio Florespiza.

“I don’t know if i really like it,” said Amanda Thomas, another Nusenda member reacting to the new credit union name Thursday.

Since unveiling its name as “Nusenda Credit Union,” almost every member has had something to say about it.

From confusion to disappointment.

“I wasn’t sure it was legitimate,” said Frances Valenzuela at the credit union’s 4th Street NW location on Thursday.

“I’m not too sure about that one,” said Eleanor Apodaca.

The credit union says if “Nusenda” sounds different… well, it should. The credit union’s name is a made-up word.

“That’s what I figured,” said Julio Florespiza in response to the news.

Credit Union reps says “Nusenda” signifies their unique spin on their bond with the community, the future of banking and the service they offer.

“We wanted to make name as simple and straight forward as possible,” said Anneliese Elrod of Nusenda in an interview with KRQE News 13 on Thursday. Elrod is the vice president of marketing for Nusenda Credit Union.

The financial institution also hopes that dropping the “New Mexico Educators” name lets people know that anyone can join.

“We got a lot of feedback from members that it was confusing,” said Elrod.

But online, “Nusenda” has been called everything but a credit union. One person wrote on Facebook, “I can’t trust a credit union that sounds like a coffee sweetener.” Others say, “Nusenda” sounds like a prescription drug, could be compared to the hazelnut-chocolate spread called “Nutella.” Others even went as far as to call “Nusenda” a pet food.

“Cat food, or a medication or something like that,” said one man in the parking lot of the credit union’s Lomas and University location.

The credit union says they’ve heard a lot of feedback.

“We appreciate the humor and we appreciate the passion for the credit union,” said Elrod.

However, Nusenda says it’s not giving up on the new name.

“Hopefully in time we can redefine what ‘Nusenda’ means to them,” said Elrod.

Besides the name, the credit union says nothing has changed, members can still use all their old checks,debit cards, logins and more. Of everyone who KRQE News 13 spoke to Thursday, nobody said the name change would make them switch credit unions.

Nusenda says a national firm also helped them come up with the new name. Over the next seven weeks, the credit union expects to change out all of their old signage with new Nusenda branded signs.