A man is traveling around the country visiting cemeteries, even though none of his relatives are buried there—but what he’s doing has made him wildly popular online. He made pit stops in Albuquerque and Tucumcari, filming gravestones and sharing his videos online.

For some, cemeteries are a peaceful place, and for others, it’s a heartbreaking reminder of someone they lost. But for one man, it’s a place to get to know the people whose images are etched on the tombstones.

“I am Lamont at Large and I am coming to you from the Gate of Heaven Cemetery here in Albuquerque, New Mexico,” said Lamont in the Youtube video.

He’s the person behind the Youtube channel ‘Lamont at Large.’ Lamont goes around the country visiting cemeteries and in his own way, meeting the dead.

“This is Chad Cook,” Lamont said in a video. “”This here is Adam Starr…Beloved daughter, sister, auntie and friend, Holly Joann Dudley, September 25, 1985 to July 22, 2010. Forever in our hearts.”

On the phone, Lamont said he’s always been drawn to cemeteries and the stories behind people’s lives and in their deaths.

“Mrs. Lopez’s baby boy is beside her, Victor F. Lopez,” said Lamont in a video. “It just says online she died unexpectedly.”

He recently visited cemeteries in Albuquerque and Tucumcari, even stumbling upon the grave of Maliyah Jones, a toddler who died from being left in a hot car in 2017.

“We don’t leave our babies in the car,” Lamont said in a video about Jones’ gravesite.

With just a handful of videos, Lamont’s Youtube page already has thousands of followers, with comments mostly praising his work, but some think his work is odd.

“I don’t want them calling the office and telling them I’m being creepy or what have you,” said Lamont in a video. Lamont said he loves looking up the lives of people who are no longer here.

“Okay guys, that concludes another ‘Faces in Death,'” said Lamont in a video.

Lamont is making his way through Texas now and is encouraging his viewers to recommend cemeteries to visit.

Not everyone welcomes Lamont’s work. He said he has been kicked out of cemeteries before.