A controversial conservative YouTuber is coming to the University of New Mexico campus.

Will Witt creates videos for right wing organization, Prager University. A conservative student group invited him to Albuquerque, and UNM is paying part of the tab.

While some students on campus said they may not like Witt coming to UNM, they said he has the right to free speech.

It’s clear from the videos Will Witt creates for Prager University, he’s not a shy person.

“What is the electoral college?” Witt asks a passerby in a video.

“The electoral college, I have no idea, let’s go with Harvard,” a man replies.

“Can you name one U.S. representative?” Witt asks in another video.

“No,” another man replies. 

Witt’s especially not shy about asking questions on touchy topics.

“Should we build a border wall?” Witt asks in a video.

“No,” a woman replies. 

“Do you think the wage gap might be around because women choose to earn less?” Witt asks a group of women in another video. 

“They choose fields that earn less and make less money?”

In the videos, Witt hits the streets or walks on campus grounds to ask those controversial questions, sometimes dressing up in ways that some consider as culturally insensitive.

“Do you find my outfit offensive?” Witt asks a group of girls in a video, while wearing a poncho and sombrero.

“Yes,” they reply.

UNM students will hear from Witt at an event next week called, “Leftism is Destroying America.” It’s hosted by the student political group, Turning Point UNM.

Although Witt hasn’t set foot on campus yet, he’s already dividing some students.

“I think it’s actually cool that someone goes around campus and asks students from the university their opinions over situations are,” said UNM student Mya Montano.

“It just feels like it’s overwhelming propaganda,” said UNM student Sila Avcil.

All of the students who KRQE News 13 spoke with said no matter what might come out of Witt’s mouth, he has a right to free speech.

“He can be here, he can say what he wants to say,” said UNM student Nick Eichwald. “But if he’s trying to do it to provoke a response, again I think he should be looking into another field.”

“I feel like people should speak out and should speak out on what they believe in,” said Montano. “Even though there are some people that will criticize you in this world.”

Students with Turning Point UNM said they think Witt’s speech will bring a unique perspective on politics in the U.S. and will create a dialogue. UNM does not believe this speech will cause any security threats.

The University’s Student Association fund is giving the group $500 to bring Witt to campus.