A major Albuquerque intersection redone during the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project is creating major problems. Drivers are confused or just flat out ignoring the new rules.

“It’s a mess, honestly,” Felicia Miera, owner of Head 2 Toe Studio, said of the Lomas-Central-San Pasquale intersection.

Her business is right there, next to Liv It Up Nutrition, where Elisa Gallegos works.

“It’s always busy here. There’s never dead time here. It’s always busy,” Gallegos said.

It’s one of the more complicated intersections in town, where the famous Route 66 meets Lomas and San Pasquale sits adjacent.

The stalled ART project overhauled the intersection, and the outcome, nearly a year after construction wrapped up, is proving problematic.

Some drivers on eastbound Central are illegally turning right on red to stay on Central. On northbound San Pasquale, you have no choice but to turn right onto eastbound Central.

Some drivers are running the red arrow there, while others will make an illegal u-turn to go west on Central.

“All day long, we hear honking because people are making the right turn when the opposite direction has a green light,” Miera said.

There are more issues: 

“They have a little road here into our building and that doesn’t make any sense either. Everyone thinks they’re turning onto San Pasquale when they’re turning into our parking lot,” Miera said. 

In addition, there’s a large concrete slab with benches in front of their businesses that seemingly has no purpose. They want to know why that can’t be turned into a parking lot for their shops, or more lanes for the intersection.

With Old Town tourists and a nearby Catholic school, the intersection gets a lot of foot traffic. They’re concerned and want the city to do something before a driver or pedestrian is killed.

“Once they do have the [ART] buses start going through, I think it’s going to make it more hectic,” Gallegos said.

KRQE News 13 reached out to the city and APD for more information on the intersection and enforcement of the law there, but did not hear back by news time.