ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque teens have the chance to learn about mural art, how to write poetry, take photos, and even how to DJ. Warehouse 508 is providing summer programs for youth ages 13-20.

Throughout June and July, the organization’s two-week summer programs have been providing the community with a number of creative outlets. Roberto Reyes with Warehouse 508 said their hope is to engage with local teens and create a fun, accessible space for them.

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“It’s so important for youth to come in and have their own space, but also to pick up skills from local artists that are actually within the field that is being taught. The potential is there to learn these skills from local artists and professionals, then to give that to the youth so that they could potentially grow careers out of them if they wanted,” Reyes said.

Additional classes include sewing basics, digital drawing, and performing arts classes. The organization has one final block of programming from July 18-29. Participants can register for only $20 through the Warehouse 508 website.