LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – Bean Day is back. The bean-cleaning party is set for Labor Day weekend in Wagon Mound and will end with a free bean and barbeque meal.

The event dates back more than 100 years, centered around cleaning dirt and rocks from harvested beans. This year, there’s far more than just bean cleaning though.

After cleaning 300 pounds of beans at the Wagon Mound Firehouse on Friday, September 1, there will be a fundraiser dinner and a free dance with music from Brenda Ortega and Cielo Azul.

Then, the next day, there will be a veteran memorial service, cornhole tournament, car and truck show, and a dance at the school gym.

Sunday, there’s a breakfast at the firehouse, a horseshoe tournament, rodeo, dance at the school gym, and a battle of the bands singing competition. Throughout the entire event, there will be street vendors and a beer garden in the park.

Monday, September 4, there is a gavel bicycle race, a School House Rock-themed parade, live music in the park, and bingo. Finally, there will be a free, big bean and barbecue meal.