ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico women coming out of incarceration will soon have the ability to live in temporary housing provided by Crossroads For Women. During the summer, the organization purchased a 15-unit apartment building in the International District that will be used as temporary housing for women searching for a place to live as they transition back into society.

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Community groups have the option to Adopt an Apartment to sponsor the renovation of an apartment unit. The interiors are still a work in progress but thanks to the Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity, the outside of the apartment has a vibrant new look. The building is called Casa de Mariposa and has butterflies painted onto the front of the building to welcome new tenants.

Crossroads for Women purchased an apartment building to give women coming out of incarceration an option for temporary housing.

Heather Cunningham with Habitat for Humanity said the organization is helping renovate the exterior of the building as part of their Women Build program. “We encourage women in the community to come out and participate in a project that gives back. Usually, our annual Women Builds are held on the new construction job site,” Cunningham said. “I just felt like this was a perfect project for us to kind of have women out here working on a project for women.”

Additionally, safe lighting was installed and parking lines were repainted, and all work done outside was completed on Friday. Renovations are still being done on the inside. The organization plans to have the project completed within one year of its launch.