ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The UNM football team took advantage of the transfer portal during the offseason and added over 40 players to the roster. While there are plenty of new faces in cherry and silver this season, one, in particular, has a journey unlike anyone else.

Standing at 6-6 and 255 pounds, tight end Magnus Geers came to UNM from Temple University, by way of Zurich, Switzerland. Access to playing the sport at a young age was limited, so Geers was forced to get creative.

“Back in Switzerland there wasn’t a lot of football available, I had to travel hours just to get onto a football field,” said Geers. “So, the only thing that was left was really YouTube and random grass fields where I was able to practice some routes and I fell in love with football ever since.”

While Switzerland does have its own form of American Football, it is still considered a niche sport. So, when Geers told his parents about his dream of playing, it took a little bit of convincing.

“My mom’s instincts kicked in about the physicality and everything, but I told my parents they don’t have to worry about me, they have to worry about the other guys on the field, because I am here to play and I am taking every play very physically.”

Geers has three years of eligibility left with UNM and is already climbing his way up the depth chart. While his focus remains on helping the Lobos become a winning program, he does have aspirations of making it to the next level.

“Yeah, I see myself in the NFL,” he said. “I will be one of the top guys and not just in this conference, but the country. I am here to prove a point that foreigners can play too, and that someone with a dream and the right mindset can make it anywhere in life. I mean, the hardest part is already done, I made it past the ocean, and now I am just having fun with it. I just cant wait to play at the next level.”