ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The ballooning world is once again just outside the windows of Albuquerque homes near Balloon Fiesta Park, and neighbors couldn’t be more thrilled with its return. “People are so excited,” said Trish Amlong. “We have people coming from California, Kansas, all over. They all come here.”

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Amlong has lived off of San Mateo and Alameda boulevards, less than a mile away from Balloon Fiesta Park, for about 30 years and said last year’s cancellation was heartbreaking. “It was horrible. I took a picture and I sent it to all my friends that are here,” said Amlong. “There were five balloons in the sky and my caption was, Balloon Fiesta 2020 with a sad face.” 

But, with these breathtaking spectacles coming back, it also means thousands of visitors, street closures, and a lot of traffic in the neighborhood near the international event. However, neighbors said they’re used to it and it comes with the territory.  

“During Balloon Fiesta time, we just kind of adjust our schedule, if you will,” said Derek Kerr. “Granted we both have to work. It is an adjustment, there is traffic and you just gotta make due.”  

Despite these inconveniences, neighbors said they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else during Balloon Fiesta. 

“The more people, the merrier. It’s one of those things, it’s Albuquerque, right?” said Kerr. “It’s a great experience, if anybody hasn’t done it, you got to and if you have done it, just keep doing it because it is one of those things.” 

KRQE did speak with a couple of neighbors who didn’t want to go camera. But told KRQE the increase in traffic and noise from the annual event can be very frustrating to deal with throughout the 10-day event.