SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Meow Wolf-esque art experiences could soon be available in a new virtual reality mini-golf game. Featuring key settings and characters from the “Numina” fantasy land from the Denver Meow Wolf location, the game promises a “vivid, quizzical, and beautiful” gameplay experience.

The news comes from Mighty Coconut, an augmented reality, virtual reality, and animation company based in Austin Texas. The company is known for Walkabout Mini Golf, a detailed virtual reality golf game.

Recently, the company announced they’re expanding that golf game in collaboration with Meow Wolf. They’ll add a Meow Wolf theme to 18 “easy mode” holes and 18 “hard mode” holes.

The visuals and experience will be an expansion of the “Numina” sci-fi universe that lives at the Denver Meow Wolf location. Within that world, surreal and bizarre beings thrive. And now those beings will find a home in the world of virtual video games.

“The mechanics of virtual reality are just another set of physics for Numina to play within. Collaborating with Walkabout has given us the opportunity to encounter Numina in digital space” said Meow Wolf co-founder Caity Kennedy said in a Mighty Coconut blog post. “Meow Wolf—and Numina—are now everywhere, and we can’t wait for all of our trans-dimensional friends to discover the playful ways Numina has rearranged mini golf to mess with our minds!”

The Meow Wolf-themed course is expected to release by fall. Physical arcade versions are also in the works, according to Mighty Coconut.