ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The dinner table has always been a place for conversation. Now, a new partnership between five local restaurants, and an Albuquerque nonprofit, is hoping to sparks a new kind of discussion.

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When you walk into The Shop Breakfast and Lunch in Nob Hill, you can hear the sizzle of the grill. This month, ordering one of their breakfast menu items, Duck Hash, will satisfy more than just your appetite. The Shop is one of five restaurants in Albuquerque partnering with Three Sisters Kitchen for their month-long Nutritional Values Campaign.

“We’re sharing stories that explore the root causes of poverty in our state,” said Divana Olivas, the Project Coordinator for Three Sisters Kitchen. When a customer orders the Nutritional Values meal at any of the five participating restaurants, they will also get a booklet.

The books tell the story of people like Mahpiya Black Elk, the co-chair of the board for Together for Brothers, a nonprofit community organization turning young men of color into leaders.

“His story is really about an exploration of identity,” says Olivas. “It’s about his upbringing and what his elders, like his grandma, taught him about the importance of relating to plants, and people, and how that can improve our lives,” Olivas said.

They hope the books will help spark an important conversation. “We want the conversation to be people, coming together, thinking critically about the root causes of poverty in our state,” Olivas explained.