NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Check out community events around New Mexico from April 22 – April 28.


April 22 15 Year Anniversary Party – Head to Marble Brewery to celebrate the 15th Anniversary Celebration. There will be a local market from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and live music from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event runs from 12 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Entry fee is $10 at the door.

April 22 Albuquerque’s Birthday Celebration – Visit Old Town Plaza to celebrate Albuquerque’s 317th Birthday with a variety of activities. Guests can enjoy food, fun, music and more all for free. The party starts at 12 p.m.

April 22 Arca’s Annual Geranium Celebration! – Welcome plants at the Arca Greenhouse and choose from a variety of plants. Guests can browse and pick their favorites from this location. Snacks will be provided as well. The house will open from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. They ask that guests RSVP.

April 22 Backyard Market – ABQ Collective is hosting the first BackYard market from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Attendees can enjoy music, food and local shopping. The event is free to attend.

April 22 Earth Day Hike at Petroglyph! – Hike with a ranger at the Petroglyph National Monument. Attendees will learn about local plants, animals, geology, and history. The hike will be one mile at Boca Negra Canyon from 1-3 p.m. Guests are encouraged to bring snacks, water and good hiking shoes.

April 22 Earth Day Hike! – Hike with a ranger at the Petroglyph National Monument. Attendees will learn about local plants, animals, geology, and history. The hike will be one mile at Rinconada Canyon from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Guests are encouraged to bring snacks, water and good hiking shoes.

April 22 – Downtown Grower’s Market – Albuquerque’s longest-running farmers market takes place each Saturday in Robinson Park starting at 8:00 a.m. Vendors bring fresh food, jewelry, crafts, and more to the event. This year’s grower’s market will run through Nov. 4.

April 22 – Vegan Village Earth Day Celebration – Head to ABQ Collective to check out a unique vendor. Guests can enjoy food, desserts, music and more. The event is free and kicks off at 4 p.m.

April 22-23 Expo New Mexico Flea Market – New Mexico’s largest open-air market is located in Albuquerque at Expo New Mexico Fairgrounds on Central Avenue west of Louisiana Boulevard. The Flea Market will be open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., weather permitting.

April 23 Nature Hike – Hike with a ranger at the Petroglyph National Monument. Attendees will learn about local plants, animals, geology, and history. The hike will be 2.5 mile at the Mesa Prieta Southpoint Trailhead from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Guests are encouraged to bring snacks, water and good hiking shoes.

April 23 South Valley Pride Day – Head to the Westside Community Center to enjoy a parade along with a variety of activities. Guests can enjoy food, music and a car show. The event starts at 11 a.m. There is also a free shuttle from the parking center to the event.

New Mexico

Apr. 21-22 – Distillery Tour – Learn how Santa Fe Spirits make their drinks and enjoy a tasting flight. Attendees will tour the barrel aging room and more. There will be a 20% discount on all purchases after the tour. The tour and flight are $20 per person and it starts at 3 p.m.

Apr. 21-23 Live Horse Racing –Visit Sunray Park & Casino for Live Horse Racing in Farmington, NM. Post time will be at 2:15 p.m. Admission is free and is open to all ages.

Apr. 21-26 –Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family – Did you know T.rex isn’t the only type of Tyrannosaur?  Learn about each member of the Tyrannosaurus family when you visit the Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family exhibit at the Farmington Museum. This will be the final week of the exhibit.

Apr. 22-23 2nd Annual Freedom Festival – Head to Fence Lake, NM to celebrate the liberation of plant medicine in New Mexico. Guests can enjoy music, entertainment, shopping and more. Single and multi-day passes are available.

Apr. 22 – Fiesta de Doña Ana – Spring Market & Resource Fair – Doña Ana., NM will be inviting guests to check out the healthcare, legal, and housing resources. The event is free to attend and starts at 10 a.m. Guests can also shop from local crafters and growers.

Apr. 22 – Earth Day Celebration – Colombus, NM is offering Reducing, Reusing and Recycling of goods. There will also be a variety of performances and even solar demonstrations for cooking. The event starts at 10 a.m. and is free to attend.

Apr. 22 – Trial Keepers Day at the Park – Visit Las Cruces, NM for a clean-up community event. Attendees will visit the Chihuahuan Desert Nature Park to rune creosote bushes, re-align rock boarders, rake debris and more. The event starts at 8 a.m.

Apr. 22 – Invent Event 2023 – Taos, NM is gearing up for a marker fair. The event will offer opportunities for 1,000 kids and adults to explore, invent and build. There will be over 30 30 hands-on stations. The event runs from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and is free.

Apr. 22 – Santa Fe Farmers’ Market – Voted one of the “Top Ten Farmers’ Markets” by Sunset Magazine, the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market is one of the oldest, largest, and most successful growers’ markets in the country. Serving more than 150 farmers and producers in Northern New Mexico.

Apr. 23 – Railyard Artisan Market – Art from local creatives will be available from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Santa Fe Artists Market located at the Santa Fe Railyard, near the water tower.

Albuquerque Notices

🔶 Albuquerque public pools in need of lifeguards – With summer just around the corner, many are gearing up to soak up the sun and hit the pools. Before you can do that, the city is calling on all lifeguards. The aquatics division needs to hire 150 more lifeguards in order to open all Cty of Albuquerque swimming pools this summer.

🔶 Animal Welfare is expecting! Kitten and puppy showers –  The Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department is preparing for an influx of orphaned kittens and puppies now through the summer season. The city is hosting a virtual kitten and puppy shower through Apr. 30 to help provide for the young animals.

🔶 ‘One Albuquerque Cleanup Day’ returns April 22 –  In honor of Earth Day, the City’s Solid Waste Management Department is inviting the community to participate in “One Albuquerque Cleanup Day.” The event is from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., on Saturday, April 22.

🔶 Mural coming to EXPO New Mexico – A 200-foot-long mural will be painted at EXPO New Mexico. The mural is part of a partnership among Albuquerque’s Public Art Program, artist Andrew Fearnside, Artful Life, and Vision Zero. The mural will be displayed on the eastern wall along Lousiana Boulevard and the painting will take place Mar. 15 through Apr. 15.

🔶 New National Cemetery coming to Albuquerque area – There is a new National Cemetery planned for the western area of Albuquerque. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) announced in February 2023 that they purchased 230 acres of land near the Petroglyph National Monument. The cemetery will offer new burial grounds that will allow veterans to receive official burial sites once the Santa Fe National Cemetery runs out of land.

🔶Spring & Summer events at the ABQ BioPark – The Albuquerque BioPark is gearing up for some activities. Starting in April they will be celebrating the great apes of the zoo, on April 8 chimpanzees will be highlighted, on April 15 orangutans, and on April 22 gorillas. The NOAA Ocean Exploration will be at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden for a half-day development workshop on April 15. Run for the Zoo kicks off on May 7 and Garden Music will start on June 8.

🔶KRQE Cares: Providing shoes for kids – KRQE Cares has been distributing new shoes to students at Title 1 schools since 2015. These efforts would not be possible without generous donations from our KRQE News 13 viewers. Donate anytime online, here.

New Mexico Notices

🔶 Wildfire Watch – With wildfire season now here, keep an eye on red-flag warning days and be mindful of fire hazards. KRQE News 13 will provide New Mexico fire updates here.

🔶 Mark your calendar: Solar eclipse will pass over New Mexico – NASA has released a map showing the paths for the 2023 annular eclipse and the 2024 total solar eclipse. New Mexicans will get a chance to see the annular eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023, since the eclipse path will span from Oregon to Texas.

🔶 New Mexico ‘Monster’ baseball prospect is LSU bound and draft probable – The New Mexico high school baseball community has produced its fair share of MLB All-Stars. Some of the newer talents include Alex Bregman of Albuquerque and Trevor Rogers of Carlsbad.