ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bekhzod “Lion” Usmonov is a professional fighter that trains out of Jackson and Wink MMA Academy. He has a fight coming up on October 1st and it will be his first in the United States.

“This will be first time, yeah. I have fights in China, Thailand, Australia, and other countries, but right now I am here to be in the UFC and we will be in the UFC 100 percent”, said Bekhzod Usmonov. Jackson Wink is known for training fighters from all over the world, Usmonov is one of their international fighters, but originally from Tajikistan, Usmonov has also been across the globe. He has pursued his fighting career in Russia, Thailand, Australia, China, and now the US. In total, Usmonov has been in 56 fights over his career (MMA, Muay Thai, boxing).

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“You know, its a good skills. I was lets say in Thailand and I can take skill from Muay Thai coaches and then when I was in Australia I did wrestling and jujitsu because there are a lot of good fighters, and here I like how teams work. You know, right now I do sparring with good fighters like Aaron Pico and like Holly Holm”, said Usmonov.

Usmonov is not just a fighter though, this 27-year old is also a lawyer that speaks 3 languages and is even a manager at Jackson Wink MMA Academy, helping other fighters in their careers. “I am working for Asian countries, like in Russia also. I am looking for for fighters to improve our gym and looking for great fighters to put them into the UFC”, said Usmonov.