RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – The state power lifting championships concluded this weekend Rio Rancho high school. All girls and boys classes A-3A competed on Friday while boys 4A-5A competed on Saturday in squats, bench press and deadlifting.

Team Standings

Boys 5A

  1. Rio Rancho: 48
  2. Cleveland: 35
  3. Roswell: 26

Boys 4A

  1. Lovington: 54
  2. Silver: 30
  3. Espanola Valley: 22

Boys A-3A

  1. Hatch Valley: 35
  2. Santa Rosa: 28
  3. Jal: 22

Girls A-5A

  1. Lovington: 27
  2. Centennial: 20
  3. Rio Rancho: 19

Girls A-3A

  1. Cobre

A few state record were broken during the weekend, including boys squats, as Jase Smith shattered the record by 75 pounds. The Rams’ senior successfully completing a rep at 550 pounds.

“I’ve never touched above 535 and I really wanted to,” said Smith. “550 has been my goal for the past two years, and I was nervous when I was right in the middle, but once I got it I was so excited and I was just making sure I got my judges approval. The only thing I could think was three white flags.”