CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – The Clovis football team has not lived up to its storied past in recent years. Coming off a 3-7 season, the Wildcats made a coaching change in the offseason and Andrew McCraw stepped in to elevate the program back to what it once was.

“We are trying to bring back being nothing tougher than a Clovis Wildcat,” said McCraw. “You know, that’s one of those things growing up 2 hours down the road that you always heard growing up and always heard around the state. So, that’s definitely the attitude and the moxie we want to bring back and we are trying to work for.”

Clovis is currently tied for the fourth most state championships in New Mexico with 13, however it has been over 20 years since the last blue trophy was lifted in Wildcat country. McCraw grew up in Lovington and saw the potential the town of Clovis has to be a football power house however some changes needed to be made.

While the Wildcats look to become a more hard-nosed, physical team, they will also install a new offensive system. Recently the team ran a spread offense, however they will transition to the option.

“You know my whole coaching career I think I have only been a spread guy once my whole life you know what I mean and that was probably the worst year I had coaching,” said McCraw. “So, I had great success running that flex-bone offense and you know it’s something that I feel like our kids have always been successful with.”

“It’s a change but we are all taking it pretty well and with the way that he is coaching us and leading us, I have a really good feeling about this year and how it’s gonna go,” WR/S Robert Nora said.

The Wildcats open their 2022 season on the road against Hobbs on Friday, August 19. Highlights from that game will be on Football Friday Night on Fox New Mexico.