ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Sunday, Mar. 19, marks one year since the Albuquerque Police Department shot and killed a man in the Four Hills area after they believed he had a gun and pointed it at them. His family is honoring his memory with a memorial where it all happened.

Collin Neztsosie was killed by police here last year after his family described him as having a manic episode. On Sunday, family and friends came to where he was killed, to not only honor his memory but also call for change, saying the police unjustly killed Neztsosie.

The family set up a memorial with a photo of Neztsosie framed on a guitar, symbolizing the guitar his family says he enjoyed playing music on. The Neztsosies say Collin was taken too soon and that a change needs to be made so that someone else who is having a mental health crisis does not fall victim. “We want justice for our loved ones because it’s not being handled right,” said Natasha Neztsosie, Collin’s Sister.

Police were dispatched here a year ago after they received calls that Neztsosie was going to shoot someone before he would kill himself. When officers arrived, Neztsosie raised his phone and pointed it at officers who believed it was a gun and opened fire on him. Collin Neztsosie was 33 years old. In September, the family announced they planned on suing APD for what they claimed to be a wrongful death.