ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The daughters of a woman who was killed in a crash on Sunday, Mar. 12, are desperate to find two good Samaritans. The family says it was two nurses who were kind enough to stop and help their mom in her final moments.

On the morning of Mar. 12, 66-year-old Marlene Platero was on her way to pick up one of her grandchildren. “She had 9 grandchildren. She loved them dearly. She would do anything for them,” said Platero’s daughter, Patricia Castrellon.

However, on her way to pick up her grandchild, the unthinkable happened. According to state police, there was a water heater lying on I-25 northbound at Montano. As Platero swerved to avoid hitting the water heater, she crashed into a jeep.

Her daughter Patricia Castrellon said she tried to get in touch with her mom that morning, but after not hearing back, she decided to go to her mom’s house to see if everything was okay. “Along the way I see an accident. As I was passing by, I saw her car and turned around and spoke to an officer. It was the worst news I ever got,” said Castrellon.

The loving mom, grandmother, and sister died on the scene. Police told Castrellon two nurses had stopped to help. Castrellon added, “They were able to get her out of the car, but I guess, from what he said, there was not very much that they could do at that point.”

Now, the family wants to find these two good Samaritans. “Thank you for being there, for stopping, and just being there for our mom in those last few moments,” said Platero’s daughter, Rosalyn Eskeets. They hope to meet them and make sure the nurses know what they did means a lot to the family.

Castrellon mentioned, “I just want closure. I want to know if she said anything before she passed. I just want to thank these nurses.” The family is also asking for any witnesses to come forward. If you are the good Samaritans, you can reach out to the family through their GoFundMe.

The cause of the water heater in the road is still under investigation. Anyone with information regarding the crash is also asked to call the state police.