ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Crossroads for Women has made another step in helping formerly incarcerated women get back on their feet. Now, they need the community’s help making their goal a reality.

The nonprofit purchased an apartment complex in the International District where women in their program can live and use it as temporary housing. The 15-unit building requires repairs and needs furnishing, so Crossroads launched Adopt an Apartment. They’re searching for community partners to renovate one or more of the apartments. Potential renovations include fresh paint, new flooring, and new furniture for the living room, dining area, and bedrooms of the apartments.

Executive Director Cory Lee said they hope to alleviate some of the pressure on these women and their children looking to start fresh. “Identifying housing can be difficult, especially if you have previous criminal histories or no long-term rental history,” Lee said.

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The organization was awarded a grant which helped fund the purchase of the building. Lee said they have one year per their grant requirements to get the apartments ready to be lived in.

The plan is to be done with the project in one year and then restart the Adopt an Apartment program once the women have moved out, the idea being that the women can take the furniture to wherever they move next leaving the need for the apartments to be furnished again. “It allows women to not have to start from scratch and feel stressed that they don’t have their basic needs met,” Lee said.

Community groups have the option to adopt a studio apartment or a two-bedroom apartment. “It doesn’t have to be a huge project for their group, but it’s something that their communities can pull together and do something special for someone,” Lee said.

Rosalind Jones and Queva Hubbard and their church group are adopting an apartment. Hubbard said they’re proud to support the cause because it helps the women in the community see their value, especially after difficult experiences.

“It shows the women that they are accepted and that they are given a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance. And with those chances, they could do something with it. It takes a village. That’s not only for children, it’s for adults who are coming back into society who want to do right, who want to live a better life,” Hubbard said.

Groups have a variety of options to support the program, whether it be financially, donating resources and furniture, or volunteering their time to clean and put things together. “The hope is that when they exit the program, they’ll exit into independent living and have identified long-term housing,” Lee said.

If you, your organization, or your group are interested in Adopting An Apartment or if you’d like more information, reach out to Elise Wantling at (505) 228-0807.