ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Through the power of music, organizations in the metro are teaming up to turn one girl’s storybook idea into an orchestrated song. Nine-year-old Jasmine Munoz loves writing stories. One of the stories she wrote around Christmas time, called “The Naughty Elf on the Shelf,” is now a song.

That’s thanks to Nashville-based Sing Me a Story Foundation, which serves families in need by taking stories written by kids and turning them into songs. They got in contact with Munoz through Family Promise of Albuquerque, which helps families facing homelessness.

“It’s really important to us to give those children an opportunity to share what they all have regardless of their circumstance, which is their imagination, with us. They share that with their stories, and we’re able to give them something back that they can keep forever, which is music,” says the director at Sing Me a Story Foundation, Autumn Dobbeck.

The group works with volunteer songwriters all over the United States. For Munoz’s story, they teamed up with University of New Mexico music composition student, Thomas Ropp. In just 2 weeks, he created a piece for the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program to perform at Popejoy Hall for Munoz’s family and the general public to enjoy.

“It’s just pure imagination on the page and it’s really fun to write from that because it gives you an excuse to be a little bit goofy and just have a little bit of fun with it,” says Ropp.

Munoz’s story is about an elf who steals presents but realizes the error of his ways and sees the importance of giving. Using instruments and props for sound effects, music students are bringing her writing to life.

Proceeds from the concert, on Apr. 30, will go to the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program.