NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Austin Trout has over 20 years of experience in the ring, but he is set to embark on a new boxing journey. The former world champion is about to begin his coaching career with a Houston-based team in the Team Combat League (TCL).

The TCL, entering its second season, brings new action to the sport. Boxers compete in one-round matches, each consisting of only three minutes. There are a total of eight weight classes, six for men and two for women, and every weight class fights a one-round match three times for a total of 24 rounds. All individual scores will be added to their team score, and the team with the highest score at the end of the 24 rounds wins.

“Every round is a championship round, balls to the wall,” said Trout. “There is no feeling out because there is no time of that. I see this being and growing into something that can take over in the Olympics, for boxing anyways… This can be something that fighters can set themselves on an international level and stage and compete against the best in the world.”

Trout began his boxing career in 2005, and said that he wishes the league would’ve been around as he began to climb the ranks.

“This would have propelled me way faster, because we had a hard time, not just promoters attention but getting the peoples attention because we couldn’t get on tv. I think its good for developmental, I think its good for everything with boxing.”

The 2023 season will run from March to June and Trout’s Houston Hitmen are holding tryouts this weekend. As Trout be assembling his team, he might even bring some hometown flair, as he has been reaching out to some fellow New Mexicans to try out.

“Fidel Maldonado Jr. would be perfect for this, just because of his style. The Perez brothers, Abraham and [Aaron] would bother be good for this.”

Even while Trout has his focus on the TCL, he plans to keep his own combat career going, and even fight for another belt.

“We might have a February Bare Knuckle Championship, I cant say exactly who or if it is done, but it is close to being done. So, in February I am going to go ahead and get a belt and do this season 2 of Combat League and get a us all a belt. I mean we will be on some championship this whole 2024.”