ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque skaters now have the opportunity to step straight into a scene from season four of Stranger Things. The hit Netflix series was filmed around the Duke City and surrounding areas. One of the most recognizable locations was Albuquerque’s very own Skate-O-Mania, formerly known as Roller King. Office Manager Victoria Candelaria says business has picked up for the roller rink. Visitors that stop by can also see much of the set decor still up from the series.

Candelaria said Skate-O-Mania offered Netflix a discount to film there. In return, once the crew had finished filming there, they allowed the business to keep whatever set decoration they wanted. “They were gracious to leave the set behind because normally, for the past four seasons, I don’t think they’ve ever done that,” Candelaria said.

Candelaria said Stranger Things fans are frequenting the establishment, many of whom come in 80s costumes or Hellfire Club t-shirts. They welcome the visitors who purchase a ticket just to visit and take photos.

It took four days to film the two episodes that take place in the roller rink. However, it took about a month to prepare for those four days of filming. The snack bar was covered with a fake wall, and new bathrooms were created in what used to be storage rooms. The rental skate area was also moved to the opposite side of the skating rink.

Zelda Quintana is a manager at Skate-O-Mania and gets to work alongside her daughter Glory at the rink. They both also had the opportunity to be extras while they were filming Stranger Things.

Glory even went through the audition process to be a featured extra, and she is credited as a teen skater in episode three. “It was really fun because in between takes they’d let us go out and skate, and it was fun because we’d skate with cast members,” said Glory. “They were all very nice.”

Zelda spent much of her time on set teaching extras who didn’t know how to rollerskate. “To see what it actually takes to produce the episodes, how many takes, it was a lot of fun to learn,” Zelda said.