ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – For the last six months, professional kickboxer Nasir “Nas” Williams has been training at the renowned Jackson Wink MMA Academy as he pursues his dream of becoming a champion. Fighting means a lot to Williams, as he is also battling something outside of the ring.

While serving time in the military Williams had a life-altering moment in Korea. He was eating at a local restaurant where he picked up a parasite that attacks his health.

“The particular parasite infection that I have, you have about 7 years until you get to the next phase, and with that next phase comes seizures, you get this massive cists on your brain and they might rupture at any given moment,” said Williams. “Basically, I am about to die soon, essentially, and it’s like fighting in my dream. Some people don’t believe in their dreams, but when you are a kid from the slums who broke generational curses to get where you are at, the only thing you can hold onto is a dream.”

Jackson Wink Academy has given Williams new life and motivation to pursue his kickboxing dream. He is set to compete at this year’s national championship in Nashville, Tennessee, and following a second-place finish at last year’s event, he feels confident that he can bring home the welterweight gold.

“How many fighters in the country can say that they have a mastermind kickboxing coach, who understands both kickboxing, boxing, and MMA? I feel like I am a lot more prepared and I feel like I am going to win this year.”

The tournament will begin on May 4.