ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Francis Wilson is meticulous about her bills. She has to be. She lives on a very tight budget.

“I have to stretch this money,” Wilson said.

The 79-year-old lives on Social Security. So when her senior living rent check disappeared last month, she knew something was wrong.

“Where in God’s name.. I couldn’t think in my mind, where did I send the check? I just couldn’t imagine that it was Comcast,” Wilson said.

She soon realized she had enclosed her $235 rent check along with her $20.69 Comcast cable check. She called Comcast and an employee confirmed the company had both checks. In fact, the employee told her, Comcast cashed the rent check even though it wasn’t made out to the massive cable company.

“How did this happen, my God,” Wilson said.

Comcast said it wouldn’t give Wilson a reimbursement check. They offered to credit her account, so her basic service would be paid up for much of the year.

The company was able to cash the check, even though it wasn’t made out to Comcast.

Cindy Parsons, a Comcast spokeswoman said that happened because no employee ever touched the payments. The system is all automated.

Wilson had to come up with an additional $235 for her rent payment.

Parsons said mistakes like this have happened in the past, but they’re quick to fix them.

In Wilson’s case, Parsons said that wasn’t done.

“We reached out to the customer immediately — and apologize — and our big focus was to correct the situation as soon as possible,” Parsons said.

Comcast said it was looking into the problem and would talk to the employee who handled Wilson’s case.

Within an hour of KRQE News 13 calling Comcast, a fix was in the works. The company gave her a $235 reimbursement check, $235 cash and a $235 credit on her cable bill.

“It took a long time for this, it wasn’t overnight,” Wilson said after getting reimbursed.