SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) –  New Mexico is known for its chile, but another state may soon be offering specialty license plates with chile on them.

“I love chile!” said New Mexico resident Joyce Graham.

“It’s very special. It’s the authentic stuff,” Anna-Lena Toledo said.

“It’s a New Mexico thing,” said Mikey Slavich.

However, Colorado is not convinced.

Lawmakers there are discussing a special state license plate with an image of pueblo chile on it.

“As a chile fanatic, I think it’s offensive,” Slavich said.

“I think they should stick to the Rocky Mountains,” Graham said.

“Anyone who knows the real deal or is a true foodie throughout the country, will know there’s nothing comparable to New Mexican chile,” Toledo said.

Comparable or not, the House Bill has been referred to a committee at Colorado’s capitol after the Pueblo Chile Growers’ Association collected signatures for a petition, pushing for it.

In New Mexico two years ago, lawmakers at the Roundhouse discussed a proposal for a series of heritage license plates.

Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R-Carlsbad) sponsored that bill, which included a long list of images special to New Mexico like chile, the roadrunner or the Duke of Albuquerque. That bill died in committee.

Instead, New Mexicans could soon be seeing one of their state symbols on another state’s plates.