Trying to find a parking spot was adding stress to some students already busy semesters. Now, CNM is launching a high tech fix to solve some of the campus’ parking problems. 

“I used to get to my classes about a half an hour early just to find a parking spot,” said CNM student Emily Schrock.

CNM says even though there are enough parking spots on campus for the students, they realize all the ‘good spots’ go fast. 

“At the beginning of each term, it is a challenge to find parking at main campus,” said Nicholas Aragon, Director of Parking Services at CNM.

Aragon says an app called Park Mobile will help cut down on the time students spend looking for spaces. 

“It gives students the opportunity to pay with their phone versus paying the meter,” said Aragon.

Park Mobile is a free app that lets students see where app-friendly spots are on campus. 

“I think this app will point them in the direction of where there is some available parking,” said Aragon.

Students are excited about the app and appreciate one of its features in particular. 

“I think that’s really awesome and I know they send you notifications when you’re about to run out of time so you can pay remotely,” said Schrock.

The app also has a feature that would let students reserve metered spots. CNM says they are not yet offering that option but may in the future.