The aftermath of the worst storm to hit the metro in years can be seen all over city streets as crews are now tracking down and fixing up damaged areas drivers crashed into. 

Street signs, light posts and traffic signals were some of the biggest targets this storm, and the city says each one has a high cost to either repair or replace. 

“There’s been 350 calls for service related to traffic,” said Albuquerque Police Department Deputy Chief Harold Medina at a news conference Wednesday, discussing the problem the snow and ice caused for commuters.

Some of those crashes took place at major intersections, knocking out traffic signals. At Louisiana and Indian School, a driver knocked out a large mast arm traffic signal. The city says each of those mast arms can cost anywhere from $60,000 to $70,000 to replace. 

Streets signs are also a pricey repair, coming in at around $250 per sign.  

KRQE News 13 spotted several damaged or doubled-over signs Tuesday and Wednesday, including a yield sign at Coors Bypass and Ellison, a “buckle up” sign at San Mateo’s I-40 west on-ramp, a leaning stop-sign at Central and Elm near I-25, and a downed stop sign near San Mateo and Constitution. 

The city usually ends up paying for much of the repair costs. In the storm that hit Albuquerque on December 26, the city repaired three knocked out traffic signals, costing about $75,000 total. 

The city says it’s still totaling the damage from the latest storm.