ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — The city of Albuquerque hit a new goal when it comes to recycling.

Keith Cass said it was about three months ago when the city dropped off a large recycling bin at his work, the Menaul School.

“We fill it up about two times a week,” said Cass.

The Menaul School is just one of many places to now have its own dumpster-sized recycling bin.

“Our commercial vendors have been increasing more and more and we’re providing more and more availability for that to happen,” said Gilbert Montaño, Mayor Richard J. Berry’s Chief of Staff.

As for residents, the city said on their own, they’re recycling more than ever too.

“We’re up 20 percent as far as the recycling and that’s leaps and bounds from where we started,” said Montaño. “And that’s a great thing for the economy and that’s a great thing for the environment.”

Since 2013, when anyone recycles in Albuquerque it ends up at Friedman Recycling.

In the public-private partnership to use Friedman’s facility, the city has a recycling quota it has to meet.

“As a result, the deal was they had to bring X amount of recycling in and if we didn’t meet that threshold, then we would have to pay them,” said Montaño.

Not meeting the 3,200 tons a month requirement, the city said it’s been paying the company about $3,000 monthly since 2013.

With the recent increase in residents and businesses recycling, the city said it’s now getting a check from Friedman.

“They’re actually paying us as a portion of the profit sharing’s,” said Montaño.

The city said getting to this point is something it’s been working toward for a long time.

“We encourage the folks to continue to recycle because we’re going in the right direction,” said Montaño.

The city started providing large recycling bins for businesses in the past year.

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