ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – If you’ve driven or even ridden your bike on Silver Avenue lately, then you may have noticed a lot of construction as new traffic circles were being built.

The construction has been going on for months now but is finally wrapping up this week.

The newly constructed traffic circles are located at Silver and Cornell and silver and Princeton.

Because Silver Avenue is a Bicycle Boulevard, they’re hoping this will calm traffic and bring attention to the fact that cars are sharing the road with bicyclists.

Silver Avenue was designated as a Bicycle Boulevard by City Council back in 2009. The city and the Municipal Development Department have been collecting feedback from bicyclists and citizens since then and even recently did a study to find improvements that could be made.

In May of last year, former Councilor Rey Garduño started that study, collecting data like vehicle, pedestrian, skateboard, and bicycle counts, plus crash data and speed data.

“The improvements you are seeing are a result of that study,” said Melissa Lozoya, Acting Director Department of Municipal Development.

While there have been several accidents over the years with roundabouts, the city says these traffic circles are smaller, and they don’t think there will be any accidents or confusion as a result.

The city will also be adding green paint to indicate the areas that bicyclists should use to cross the intersection.